Printeresting | Alex Dodge

Posted on Oct 29, 2011

by Amze Emmons original article We’ve written about Alex Dodge‘s work since the early days of this blog, one reason is the way he produces visually stunning imagery within a very rigorous internal logic. His latest editions are no less compelling, strange, and beautiful. This artist statement provides some insight into this latest body of […]

ABC | El hombre que se mueve por impulsos eléctricos

Posted on Dec 29, 2010

by Neoteo ( / Madrid) original article – December, 2010 Un equipo científico consigue transferir de forma automática los movimientos del brazo de un individuo a una segunda persona Leer la actividad eléctrica generada por los músculos del cuerpo humano no es un problema hoy en día, pero, ¿pueden esos impulsos ser transferidos al cuerpo […]

Gizmodo | Real-Life Human Puppets

Posted on Dec 27, 2010

by Matt Buchanan original article – December, 2010 Mind control. The thought that somebody else could control everything you do is kind of creepy. Even in a crude form, as you can see in little experiment from four ITP students, called Human Puppets. [ITP]

The Outlook Magazine | 梦语人

Posted on Oct 1, 2010

by Pinko Chao original article – October, 2010 “你的眼睛疲倦了,累了,闭上你的眼睛……” 上世纪末,一位神经科医生在维也纳议会街上的小诊所里,解救了数以百计的被幻觉绑架的人,你一定猜到了,这位医生是弗洛伊德。就在之后的十几年间,那本无人不知无人不晓的惊世骇俗之作《梦的解析》面世。 梦,让人又爱又恨的东西。它可能是你不愿面对的潜意识的映射,也可能是人类发展的催化剂。卡梅隆用少时的梦境创造了《阿凡达》,而纽约艺术家Alex Dodge则试图将当今炙手可热的社交媒体移植到梦的深处。 这并不是件容易的事情,正如苏联曾联合本国精英开发时间机器一样,想在梦里实现种种属于现实范畴的事情,必要联合高科技的力量。于是Alex Dodge找到了布鲁克林的高科技设计团队Gernerative一同造梦。 他们设计了一系列概念性的服饰原型,希望让人以安静的方式参与到非积极的交互之中。例如名为“梦语人”(sleep talker)的头套就可以让两个或多个用户在相似的睡眠状态中互动,或将某个人的无意识体验广播到一个专门的社交网络中,简而言之,就是让你在梦中也能玩社交。这个安置了复杂程序的头套可以监测使用者的脑电波、心跳频率和环境音效等,混合各种实时视听数据,使用户在睡梦中对话。失眠的人也不再孤单,旁听他人谈话或许可以缓解痛苦,说不定能更快入梦。你只需通过类似地理方位、信号过滤、谈话内容与搜索难易度为特征的分析工具找到“梦语人小组”(dream clusters)即可。 在科技大举进军的今天,现实和虚拟的界限越来越模糊。在享受科技带来的便利的同时,我们也会不由得产生这样的疑虑:“我不知道哪个世界更真实。”(撰文_pinko)

Art Review | Alex Dodge: Generative

Posted on Sep 1, 2010

by Tyler Coburn September, 2010 Visitors to 438 Union Avenue may be surprised to note that scrappy gallery Klaus von Nichtssagend appears to have gone the way of other mid-noughties Brooklyn establishments, replaced by a white-on-white outpost of Apple-esque technology prototypes, courtesy of artist Alex Dodge and his registered LLC, Generative. There, on a grey […]

SOMA | The Design Issue | Generative by Alex Dodge

Posted on Aug 1, 2010

by Adam Pollock August 2010 While Silicon Valley may be the actual epicenter of self-delusion, as evidenced by the amount of venture capital dollars that have been thrown at staggeringly ridiculous business models over the years, Williamsburg certainly ranks in the top five when it comes to ‘hoods that could use an ego check. Sorry […]

Designboom | alex dodge: generative

Posted on Jul 12, 2010

by Andrea DB original article – July 12, 2010 the interests of new york-based artist alex dodge extends into the relationships between humanity, technology, art and design, in which he has designed a collection of garments of concept prototypes developed in collaboration with brooklyn-based tech start-up generative. each of the works address the notion of […]

Brooklyn the Borough | ‘Generative’ Blends Art, Design, and Technology

Posted on Jun 23, 2010

by Suzanne Stroebe “Generative,” currently on view at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery in Williamsburg is difficult to define. A collaboration between artist Alex Dodge and Brooklyn based tech start-up Generative, the series of concept prototypes shown in the gallery seriously blur the boundaries between art, design, and technology. Dodge’s level of comfort grappling the conceptual, […]


Posted on Jun 17, 2010

by Ben Davis original article – June 17, 2010 What’s a contemporary artist to do, faced with the slick world of consumer gadgetry, which seems to slurp up so very much of the public’s attention? Alex Dodge’s show at Williamsburg’s Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery offers a novel answer: He turns the gallery into a space […]

Engadget | Alex Dodge’s ‘Generative’ depicts the wearable sci-fi tech of your dreams, literally

Posted on Jun 5, 2010

by Joshua Topolsky original article – June 5, 2010 In an upcoming gallery show dubbed Generative, artist Alex Dodge (in collaboration with tech start-up called… Generative) will be sucking you into an awesome near-future where shoes generate electricity, the “Sleep Talker” cap lets you transmit your dreams into other’s, and a shirt becomes a touch-sensitive […]