Printeresting | Alex Dodge

Posted on Oct 29, 2011


by Amze Emmons

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We’ve written about Alex Dodge‘s work since the early days of this blog, one reason is the way he produces visually stunning imagery within a very rigorous internal logic. His latest editions are no less compelling, strange, and beautiful.

This artist statement provides some insight into this latest body of work.

Nearly a decade ago Alex Dodge began a series of paintings inspired by underwater scenes of Olympic swimming pools. The unique visual phenomenon of the angular and minimal geometry of the pool’s structure being warped and distorted by gestural surface reflections became a means for Dodge to explore the paradoxes of human experience in an increasingly digital world. These images engaged the logic represented in architectural form and digital space being uprooted by the chaos of complex and organic systems. Dodge revisits his previous fluid exploration in two new editions published by Forth Estate titled “Everything Appears as it is, Infinite.

In complete transparency, I should add, Forth Estate supports this blog as an advertiser; although that fact does not make these prints any more awesome than they actually are in real life.

We look forward to seeing Alex’s work and a whole lot more during the E/AB & IFPDA Fairs in NYC this coming weekend!
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