Engadget | Alex Dodge’s ‘Generative’ depicts the wearable sci-fi tech of your dreams, literally

Posted on Jun 5, 2010


by Joshua Topolsky

original article – June 5, 2010

In an upcoming gallery show dubbed Generative, artist Alex Dodge (in collaboration with tech start-up called… Generative) will be sucking you into an awesome near-future where shoes generate electricity, the “Sleep Talker” cap lets you transmit your dreams into other’s, and a shirt becomes a touch-sensitive input device. As the show’s press release puts it, “Dodge’s objects fetishize the technological imperative, or the inevitable hybridization of man and machine, as something worthy of appreciation in itself.” The works will be shown off at the Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery in Brooklyn next week, but you can get a peek at tech just out of reach right now by perusing the accompanying catalog for the show and browsing the handful of images below.