Alex Dodge – Distorting Reality | METAL Magazine

Posted on Mar 3, 2021

by Lara Bongard

Artist Alex Dodge lives and works between New York City and Tokyo. Like his fluctuating surroundings, Dodge tries to find a balance between seemingly opposing forces in his paintings: the analogue and digital, the chaotic and structured, the real and imagined – to eventually find a state of synthesis, where these forces merge together into richly colourful and tactile anthropomorphic scenes that obscure, distort, and make us question our sense of reality. In their silent, poetic presence, his subjects are as imaginative as mysterious and unfathomable. We talk to the artist about his fascination with the tension between the visible and invisible, his use of ancient Japanese printing traditions, challenging energy and defining authenticity, and how a painting suddenly becomes a prophecy of our current times.

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